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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 8, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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hermine, megan. >> what a situation. more than that as we go forward. thanks for watching, everybody. i appreciate it. tomorrow on the program, ed rendell. i'm meg gi megyn kelly. >> arlington, texas. six flags over texas and as he mentioned the water is just coming through in unbelievable force. look at that. these pictures courtesy of kdfw, fox 4 for the dallas metro. arlington is right between fort worth and dallas. south of interstate 30. north of interstate 20. and the flooding is stunning to see. trace gallagher in los angeles and watching it along with us as is our meteorologist in the weather center. who is in there today? rick reichmuth is there. rick, this thing is nuts. >> incredible. you know what, get a storm like this. came out of no where, hermine and was not over the water a
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long time before making landfall. this area doesn't get this kind of rain this often and some areas have seen over 12 inches of rain and a lot of areas five to eight inches. a vast area normally extremely dry and when the ground is that dry it doesn't absorb the water it runs off quickly and that is what we are seeing. there is a lot more rain still to be had across texas and it is slowly moving towards the north. i think we will see repeat scenes like this that you are looking at across areas of oklahoma into arkansas and missouri over the next couple of days, shep. >> i wonder what it is that caused this amount of volume to happen at this spot at this time. i don't know if we know, do we? >> you get that much rain and you will see that. the smaller streams and dry running area for most of the year don't have any water in them. this area hasn't seen much rain this summer. extremely dry the last couple
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of months and now get 12 inches of rain in about a day and you will get massive flooding there. >> shepard: and i'm now getting reports that residents in an arlington apartment complex who took refuge on the roof top of the apartment complex. rescued by the fire department personnel using a ladder truck. these are pictures from earlier. you have seen the reports of high water. and the remnants of the storm are that swept across the dallas fort worth metroplex. officials from the arlington fire department are not commenting yet to the associated press probably because they have a lot of work to do at this moment. again, serious flooding in arlington, texas. the choppers had not been up the entirety of the day and we had known that there was this flooding across but the pictures from six flags over texas are something else. these are live pictures. told of a number of rescues and it has been a difficult thing really to cover from the ground because getting from one place to another in the flooded areas has proved to be a very difficult thing to do. largely we are relying on
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helicopter pictures at least for now as authorities are so busy that they really don't have time to get back to us on what the status of the rescues are and that is fully understandable. rick reichmuth, though, we were anticipating last night, in fact, local reports from the houston area were that the flooding came and went very quickly. and as the storm continued to move, there were concerns about whether this would happen. they didn't have this serious a problem in houston. >> they didn't. let me tell you what is going on here. in a hurricane, tropical storm, you get the outer rain bands, and the one rain band with rain over the exact same area and cause the localized flooding. the problem last night and today is that the rain band that brought all of the rain set up in a line from san antonio to austin up through the dallas area. the area that has got kind of the most population outside of that houston metro area all of those big cities good pummeled with the rain and so we have been seeing all kinds of rescues for the last 24 hours
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but it is across the populated areas. a lot of texas is dotted with small towns and there are open fields there that if it happened it wouldn't have big effects but this rain happened across three of their major cities and causing all kinds of rescues for the last day. >> it has. what is the situation with is now. in has it rained itself out? >> no, it has not rained itself out. more rain to be had today. this area of texas maybe a couple more inches of rain but we will see this move farther to the north in area of oklahoma and missouri and southeastern kansas potentially seeing maybe up to 8 inches of rain there. pictures like you are seeing here replicated a little farther off towards the north. >> the top story at dallas dallasm which is the dallas morning news website. the headline. live coverage. updates on flooding, power outages and road conditions. certainly the story of the day. our station there kdfw has almost all of their resources
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devoted to this today as it is really crippling parts of the city. you know, the dallas -- it is not in every spot. we don't want to give you the idea that it is but in this area of arlington between dallas and fort worth and interstates 30 and 20 the flooding really severe. anybody who has been through one of these tropical storms or a hurricane of any kind knows exactly what rick is talking about. may be that five miles down the road the rain is such that you get wet. but in a spot five miles away you can have into thing like that pops up from out of no where. we were talking to you about the rescue from the associated press. and that was one of the rescues as people were taken off rooftops. the water some coming up so quickly. getting the pets out of the house. streets literally turned into rivers here. airport delays as well in the dallas metroplex.
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also in louisville and white rock, mockingbird station, all over. street flooding reports out of dallas now are significant. i'm looking at it on the local websites there. and all over the metroplex a partial list of major highways, roads and intersections from the hell of heavy delay and hy delays expected across the metroplex today. fair to say that for dallas and fort worth it is over? >> maybe an inch or two across the dallas area and then it will be down and then it is the runoff. it will run off quickly and that is the good news. a day and a half two days a lot of the water running farther down stream and the cities able to then kind of begin the cleanup. an important thing, we had hurricane earl last week, the big cat-4 hurricane barreling down on the u.s. and this was never a hurricane. this was a tropical storm. and this causing way more damage than we saw because of
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hurricane earl and gives you an idea how each of the storms is so different based off of the location and how long they stay in one area. pretty amazing a cat four hurricane not getting nearly the effects you get from a tropical storm. and people think maybe a tropical storm isn't going be that serious and this certainly is purchasin proving otherwise. >> for people in the dallas metroplex go to my fox dfw and get all the information about street closures. dallas fort worth area and to the north and west myfox for local reports. take a look at this. this is on my computer here on the set. this is flooding problems across the metroplex. south dallas. north dallas. up to carrollton. the grapevine. all the way up to denton and the whole entire area here from i don't know the -- all inside the loop really flooding --
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flood warnings underway right now. looks like to the west in fort worth it is not as bad but from dallas and all the way up here as you can see to denton, flood advisees and warnings right now as authorities are very concerned that the flash flooding will leave people trapped in their vehicles. they are asking folks in the affected area just don't get out and try to drive. you may be high and dry at your house and then a block or two away find yourself in this kind of condition and by all means my fox will give you all the information you have. i have gotten a message from the local station there where they tell us that the situation is in -- well, they are telling us the same as the website, in some cases clearly the situation has become very difficult to deal with. trace gallagher watching this from the west coast news hub. not as much if you didn't think there might be a little flooding but this is much more than anybody anticipated. >> i think it is dramatic.
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talking about kdfw and i have been cruising around the states and looking at their websites. at austin at ktbc the top stories all about flooding. rescues in the second floor of the apartment building. this is happening across much of the region. flash floods in the austin hill country in texas. at least one death reported up there. go down toward the border cities you have a couple of homes reportedly swept away down there. so arlington clearly getting the brunt of this. this is where the helicopters are up. but much of the state of texas is now getting inundated with rain and flash floods and as you get up in the hill country area of texas that water as rick was saying earlier, look, the water is going to come down, that is the good news. the bad news is the water is going to come down. you have the flash floods that are extraordinarily dangerous for people to be out in. anybody driving around the fort
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worth dallas area, arlington, up in the austin hill country, very dangerous now for the next several hours. that is one of the problems first responders are facing is they have got a number of cars underwater. they have a number of homes under water. and they are trying to hand many as many rescues as they can as quickly as they can and right now from the looks of the websites here across the state, they have got their hands full in texas. >> shepard: the website for the local station kdfw in dallas and indicating now that schools evacuated. some ever closing early in the floods. not everywhere but evacuated at keller ids intermediate. whatever that is. floods in white rock lake. heavy rains flooded the area. closing parts of it. listen to the chopper now. >> i thought i was hearing chopper noise there. flooding prompts some rescues. this apartment complex that i was telling you about. pictures free choice act the
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apartment complex as the rain continues to come through the city. that apartment complex was largely evacuated as people went up to the roof there to just wait for somebody to come and get them. this was residents rescued after heavy rain from the hermine flooding. trying to fiut dallas and fort worth. our low cal station in dallas is going to get somebody on the line to figure out where the worst of it all it. it would appear in the metroplex a serious problem to contend with today. trace, you reported earlier that one person had died. >> reports of at least one person who has been killed in flash flooding and two homes swept away. and in those homes and we are not saying any one was in them but looking for and i'm quoting here an unknown number of victims in two we believe mobile homes swept away in the flooding and the apartment complex that you were looking
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at was also in arlington, texas. when the water gets to a certain level they shut off all the electricity and gas so people inside are also hot and in the dark. >> shepard: continuing coverage in a moment. plus, hillary clinton's controversial foreign policy speech.
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>> shepard: continuing coverage out of dallas and fort worth and the areas south and west as flooding has developed in the wake of tropical storm hermine.
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jonathan with first hand information including witnesses. >> quoting arlington councilwoman catherine willemond lived there near where you saw the apartment complex evacuated and she says she has never seen this sort of flooding in all of the 33 years she has been there. also talking about some homes in that area having at least four feet of water in them. apparently at least one school, the bear creek intermediate school in the keller school district evacuated at 9:30 this morning because flood waters were rising quickly there. the district planning and security director said based on the road closures and current and future weather and past flooding issues we decided to err on the side of caution and evacuate the water is rising and continues to rise. taken the kids to a designated
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evacuation site and they are pleading with parents not to go there because that will only add to the chaos. for everybody in the entire area, shep, a frightening and still developing and still detearoriationing more dangerous situation. >> shepard: rick reichmuth in the weather center, i'm watching the weather move its way over the dallas metroplex and looks extremely severe right now. >> it does. i don't know if you want to take my maps for a second to show you the rain is still moving. moving just to the east of dallas at this point. but we will probably see a little bit more build up just to the west of it because they going to get a little daylight and sunshine coming through. a few more thunderstorms go back in but the heaviest through the rain is through the northeast of dallas. where you see the boxes in red are the flash flood warnings in effect. cut the line from dallas to waco to austin to san antonio. a populated area dealing with flash flooding. the pictures around the
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arlington area going on around austin and san antonio as well as well as down around victoria. unfortunately, this line of storms cut right across that area where we have got so much population. >> you mentioned austin, the capital there, the home of ut and trace gallagher is there, there was real trouble there today. >> big-time trouble, shep. finding out that lake granger northeast of austin, texas, searching for a number of missing people there. i was talking earlier about homes swept away. three homes were swept away and you have got crews searching the lake granger area for a number of missing people. we do not know what the number is. just that there are a number of missing people there. i told you about someone who was killed during the flash flooding. it was a girl who was driving her car. that being confirmed by our fox affiliate in austin, ktbc, myfoxaustin. waco, texas, extreme flooding. austin, texas.
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dallas, texas. down in the san antonio area. all areas with extreme flooding and that water is kind of coming down off the hill section and people are warning the officials are warning people be advised rushing water coming down in parts of texas, flash floods, extremely dangerous, three houses and at least two cars that we know of and first responders are still out looking know of have already been swept away. >> this is fox news coverage right now. breaking news in dallas, austin, san antonio, waco and up to the north and west as the remnants of hermine causing a massive set of flooding all across the area that you see there on the screen. and this is reality now for people across the dallas metroplex and as the storm heads north flooding like no one had anticipated out of the storm. goes to show the power of a storm is sometimes in its winds. sometimes in its surge. sometimes from the tornadoes. and sometimes it is from the flash floods which we have just
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learned from the reporting of trace gallagher have swept away three homes and left an unknown number of people missing as authorities are now in the water working to save people as dallas and the surrounding area has become the scene of what appears to be shaping up to be quite a local disaster. there is flooding so much that many roads are closed down. some schools have had to close. people have been on rooftops awaiting rescues and now with the report of homes swept away in the austin, texas, area we have what is mounting to be a very serious challenge for local first responders and for residents as well on a busy afternoon in one of america's great cities. they are facing, man, a lot of turmoil. the chief meteorologist dan henry is going to be calling in from our station kdfw fox 4 in dallas to give us an idea of how widespread this is and our good friends at fox 4 tell us he will be calling in shortly. meantime, jonathan hunt, i'm
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not sure when we got off the air last night and the storm made its way through houston we had local reports of some -- i mean it was bad enough, but nothing like this. the water was rising and then going down quickly and they didn't have any of these problems in the houston area and lo and behold gets north and look at this. hunt iraq yo, are you there? >> the national weather service predict thack thing that the ty river with crest at around 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. that apparently would be the second highest recorded cresting of that river in dallas exceeding the 47.1 feet reached on may 31, 1990. it would only trail the 52.6 feet reached in the great flood of may 1908. >> jonathan, thank you. we'll get to the chief meteorologist at our local station fox 4 news in dallas in just a moment.
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breaking news coverage on studio b on the flooding in and around dallas fort worth, austin and beyond. we'll be right back.
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dallas area getting walloped with flash flooding causing problems across the state. from dallas fort worth in austin after leaving houston last night. the chief meteorologist at fox 4 news is dan henry and he is on the line with us. dan, were you predicting this sort of thing or did this catch you guys off-guard? >> shepard, caught us off guard a little bit. we thought the heaviest rain would fall 50 miles northwest of the dallas area and we figured on the scenes playing fortow in dallas and fourth
3:24 pm
worth to the west. we saw this shift after midnight and there were growing concerns we may geithner get e than predicted. turned out to be our fifth wettest day in dallas fort worth history and the wettest 24 hour period in 60 years. have to go back to 1949 when we had over 6 inches of rainfall to eclipse what we had here. >> shepard: and what did it look like for the rest of the day, dan? >> well, you know, the good news is that the heaviest rain shifted east and northeast of dallas/ft. worth. still seeing the pop-up showers but nothing at all like last night. not completely out of the woods by any means. we had a tree -- >> shepard: good luck for the rest of the day. sometimes, dan, from the
3:25 pm
cameras you can't tell how widespread something is and you see localized. is this in a lot of different areas? these problems. i guess dan is off the line for us. part of the reason for that is we will get local coverage now. i mentioned the apartment complex a short time ago where there was reese cues happening -- rescues on the roof. one of our correspondents from fox 4 news in dallas melissa cutler is at the apartment house that was evacuated. a mess there, huh, melissa? >> reporter: the apartment complex is basically a moat. it has been one dramatic rescue. one after another after another. the most recent we saw probably a couple of hours ago involved a young mother with her nine month old daughter and her family members were standing around the complex it was a nail biter for them. they turned out to be fine.
3:26 pm
all those minutes that turn into hours of waiting to see your loved one that really was very dramatic out here for many of us here who have been watching and as i said the family members. the water rushing around the complex basically what turned into a torrent of water just a virtual river where we had an arlington fire truck extend a ladder across to the roof of the complex and then we hear stories of a 67-year-old woman who went downstairs to the apartment and rescuers had to bust the window and pull her out to get her to the rescue ladder and pull her up to safety. tremendous what happened out here. >> shepard: have the waters begun to recede? >> they have. now, about ankle length feed. we heard earlier they were to the doorknob.
3:27 pm
the water rushed up and receded as fast as it came up. >> shepard: melissa, thank you so much. and to all of our good friends at fox 4 who are very busy in dallas and fort worth and surrounding areas today. watching us in texas and we know a lot of people do. i would say in the metroplex, keep it close to fox 4. they will have news cutins throughout the day. they are cutting in to give local viewers an update on o the flooding and where to expect more of it. is a great place for information. two other stories you might at well look at. the one thing that i learned is that somebody spotted jesus on a telephone pole. and the shortest man in all the world is 27 inches. 27 inches tall. he weather centers 22-pounds and they have a -- he weather 22-pounds and they have a photo of him. jonathan hunt is live with new information on flooding.
3:28 pm
>> i was talking to you before the break about the trinity river that essentially separates east and west dallas. the national weather service saying it is going to crest at 7:00 a.m. local tomorrow morning at 48.6 feet. flooding stage is at 30 feet. already reached that. moderate flooding at 38 but major flooding begins at 40 feet. overnight the trinity river according to the national weather service is going to reach that and they are saying that industries along the river south of dallas will be flooded, evacuations should begin now. it looks although our weather experts are saying the rain is moving through, the wresting of the river has not -- the cresting of the river has not yet happened. it will happen in the next 16 to 17 hours and this is not over for these people. a lot of flooding still to come according to the national weather service. >> jonathan hunt live here with us and thanks to him and all of the good folks at kdfw in dallas. we will have continuing
3:29 pm
coverage of the developing story, the floods across the dallas/ft. worth metroplex and austin texas and points in between. breaking news continues. and bottom of the hours headlines straightaway. activia is better than ever! hey, you guys. want to try activia's great new taste? today is your tasty lucky day! sure, why not? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. ooh, i think i'll pass. no, no, no! trust me. it is beyond tasty. okay! mmm! wow!
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>> shepard: 2:31 p.m. now in dallas and surrounding areas dealing with a heck an aftermath of what was tropical storm hermine. on the line with the director for emergency management for the city of dallas.
3:32 pm
director of the the office of emergency management. kenny shah is on the line with us. good of you to be here. thank you. from the chopper pictures it looks like you have quite a mess on your hands. >> i think they were showing arlington which is a neighbor of ours and quite a bit of bad stuff going on there. in dallas we haven't had that kind of severe flooding yet but we have a lot of streets closed and that sort of thing. >> shepard: the word to people who want to be out and about is don't drive in you don't have to. >> that's right. don't drive in you can avoid it. >> shepard: , go ahead, sorry. >> and sure don't drive-thru any high water. turn around, don't drown is the quote we use. >> shepard: a lot of cars underwater, not in dallas but surrounding areas. watching the trinity river which is going to crest high. >> they just called and told us that about an hour ago. i find that interesting it was on your show already.
3:33 pm
hopefully we won't have any serious flooding from that either. rick reichmuth, an update on the situation there? >> i'm seeing the flooding cresting right around midnight to 1:00 a.m. overnight tonight and quickly dropping. by tomorrow around this time, we'll be back about exactly where they are and then by the weekend back below flood stage. the one thing about this is, all of the rivers where you see the red, the maroon counties lined up is where the flash flood warnings are going on right now. there is a number of rivers that run there and they all drain off to the southeast. areas to the southeast towards houston, towards victoria that is where the rivers continue to run and they will crest later on tomorrow afternoon into friday, saturday and sunday farther downstream. so where we have got the problems now is where you see all of the counties in that maroon. the problems are going to go farther downstream as we move through time. the areas looking at the problems right now we will have
3:34 pm
the problems still for about another day. >> shepard: rick, thanks. and thanks to our friends at kdfw in dallas. in the metro mexican sid metrox officials in colorado still fighting a massive wildfire that continues to burn out of control and new now rescuers on the hunt for eight people that have gone missing. we will get the latest on the fire fight when studio b
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3:38 pm
counting on us today as it has in the past. when old adversaries need an honest broker or a fundamental freedoms need a champion people turn to us. >> and this comes ahead of the u.n. general assembly. wednesday and that means wednesdays with juan. juan williams to discuss the pros and cons of the obama administration foreign policy. he is a fox news contributor and works at the npr as well. what do you make of this? >> a lot on the table right now foreign relations wise. not just the general assembly but think about what is going on in afghanistan, and pakistan not just in military but even in humanitarian terms a lot on the table and a lot at take. is president obama raising a profile in terms of world leadership that is going to be remembered or is in fact all of his agenda domestic and focused on the economy. hillary clinton laid out what she called a new architecture. called herself a daughter of the depression, her father in world war ii said that her daughter is got married is a
3:39 pm
child much more engaged in the world than she was at that age. she says there for for america at this moment, this american moment requires us to have and this is interesting coming from hillary clinton, an indication of her tightness with the secretary of defense, a great military. also if we don't solve the economic problems i was referencing a moment ago our international architecture will be endangered because american resources and american power are one and the same. if we don't have that tremendous resource of economic might at home we lose influence abroad. >> shepard: a danger now, isn't there? >> there is. several points of danger. iraq is one we just pulled out and right next door iran which is something that looks to be festering and could explode at
3:40 pm
any moment. to which she talked about something again, interesting to hear from her personally. her effort to lay out what she has been doing during her time as secretary of state. talketalked about new spheres f developing influence. china as a major world player and pointed out that china has been working with the united states not only in iraq but also with regard to north korea. talks about places like brazil. we usually don't think about that as a major foreign policy player. indonesia. mexico even as now having foreign policy that impacts the way that the united states is able to deal as a world player. >> shepard: a lot of challenges on our plate because we are out of money. >> and what she said, if you stop and think about the developing countries, she said development as well as diplomacy comes into it. talked about putting more money in pack ta pakistan to help th.
3:41 pm
bangladesh. i think that is the next stage. can't happen if we don't have some economic resources here at home and so what you hear from her you also hear echoed at the pentagon where they say the biggest threat may not be terrorism, it may be that given our rapid rate of spending any kind of economic implosion here weakens america as the world player. and she said america remains the world's best hope. >> shepard: remember the collapse that happened in the soviet union looking familiar. >> let's not go there. >> shepard: i meant economically. good to see you. >> always a pleasure. >> shepard: eight people missing as the wildfires rip through the foothill near boulder colorado. the flames already burned 11 square miles and now the top fire fighting priority. a commander with the local sheriff's department says the people that are missing did not
3:42 pm
evacuate but it is not clear whether they were in one of the more than 50 homes that fire has already destroyed. >> we are doing follow-up with them contacting relatives and sending officers up to do welfare checks at the residents. >> shepard: right now, 3500 people evacuated their homes we are told in a four mile canyon area or i should say in the four mile canyon area but more evacuation orders could come soon. we will get a live report and update on the situation tonight. fox report 7:00 eastern, 6:00 central. a man in new york faces felony charges after he says he tried to protect his home and family from gang members. the problem? he used an assault rifle on somebody in his yard. nobody was hurt. so, no harm, no foul? or in this case, our legal panel debates. >> the widespread flooding to the north and west of dallas, these pictures i believe from
3:43 pm
arlington, texas, six flags over texas as the rains continue to move and the flooding continues to be an enormous problem. updates live from the scene as studio b continues. [ male announcer ] this is rachel, a busy mom.
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♪ and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. ♪ >> shepard: now, to a man on long island new york who fired an ak 47 assault rifle in his front yard according to authorities. he says he was protecting his family from gang members. his name is george greer. he says a group of 20 men were fight only his lawn and he thought they were going to rob him. greer says he told his wife to call the cops and he grabbed his gun. but the men didn't leave. in fact, he claimed they dared him to use that weapon so he says he fired a couple of shots into the grass. we are told nobody was hurt but when the cops came they arrested him for reckless endangerment. that is a felony. go to the legal panel.
3:47 pm
arthur, what is wrong with this? >> he went too far. he crossed the line. if he had just taken out the gun, the rifle which he has legally because he hasn't been charged with that and just displayed it to push back the force he wouldn't be arrested. the fact that he discharged the weapon in a way that had one hit a rock or ricocheted and could have killed somebody is where the problem was. >> shepard: david, he fired a shot in his yard? >> these are like 20 members of the most dangerous gang in america so labeled by the fbi, ms 13. they come into his yard and walk into the driveway, threatened his wife and child's life and his life. made verbal threats. he knows who these guys are. they are dangerous gang members. the guy begs them to go away and as a last resort fires four rounds into the ground. >> as you know, the state of the law is you have to match
3:48 pm
the equal amounts of force. so, if they throw a punch he can throw a punch. they can't throw a punch and then he shoots an ak 47. >> if he has a reasonable belief. they have to prove depraved endangerment. he knows these guys. there are up to 2,000 members of the ms 13 in nassau county where he lives. he knows who they are. >> he called 911, dave. went into his house. could have locked the door. the police were on the way. you know, he got in trouble for firing the weapon. had he not fired it, he would have nothing to worry about. >> imagine if a law officer is confronted by the gang members and says disburse and they don't, a law enforcement doing the same thing would have been well within his right,. >> he has training. >> there is no jury in long island that will convict this man. >> a plea bargain probably
3:49 pm
through a misdemeanor. i'm surprised by the $10,000 bail. toy think that is excessive. had he not discharged the weapon he would not have gotten arrested. >> by all accounts he discharged four shots directly into the ground. not threatening any lives. warning them and chasing them away which he did accomplish, are 44. >> the state of the law is you can't use that degree of force unless that degree of force was being threatened to use against you. had someone displayed a gun you are, correct. no one displayed any kinds of weapons. just words. can't use an ak 47 against words. >> he has to wait until one pulls out a gun which my experience usually at least one of them has. >> that is the state of the law. equal force. equal force. >> endangerment. >> shepard: we will follow it because this case is just getting going. we will continue to follow it. david and arthur, thank you both. >> got it, shep. >> a couple of newlyweds capturing a lion attack on video during their honeymoon in
3:50 pm
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>> shepard: an animal trainer in las vegas is still recovering after a recent attack by a 400-pound male lion in front of a crowd of spectators. and now we have the amateur video of the encounter. take a look at this. all seems to be going well, when suddenly look at that the lion lunges at the trainer and chomps down on his leg. look at that. the other trainer jumps in to save him with the apparent help of the female lion. the attack over in just a few seconds. you can see the injured man did manage to get out of there. with us is drew ellis. her husband was shooting the video and she was there with him as they did. you guys were on your honeymoon at the time, is that right? >> we sure were, yeah.
3:54 pm
>> shepard: what a weird day. tell me about this. >> i know. well, that morning we were talking about what we should do in vegas that was free and that exhibit was free so we decided to check it out and five minutes mao watching the lions that is what happened. >> shepard: could you tell at the time how badly the trainer was hurt? >> you know, it kind of shows him in a little while hopping down from the top of the exhibit and i could see on his left leg that he -- it was either bitten or clawed good. you could see the punctures. >> shepard: i thought it was something when the female lion came up going what is going on here, you know. >> i felt like she was trying to tell the male lion to stop doing what he was doing. >> shepard: kind of felt like that is what was going down. the trainers have been with the lions for a long time. >> and they were as calm as could be up until that moment. you can kind of see in the beginning of the film we were watching the female lion bite
3:55 pm
on the stool and we thought that was the entertaining part and then soon enough that happened so. >> shepard: i see them leading the male lion away and almost feels like they were lucky he didn't turn around and decide no i'm in charge here. he is the king of jungle after all. >> makes it more apparent he had some reason why he wanted to attack the personal trainer. he wanted nothing to do with the other one. i don't know why, you know. i would not say that the attack was provoked at all. minutes before he jumped on him, the gentleman that was attacked was kind of cleaning out his hair and petting him and taking off the loose hair and grooming him like probably he does a lot, you know. >> shepard: yeah, probably. drew ellis on the line who was there when her husband shot the video. congratulations on the wedding, hope that goes well. >> thanks very much. >> shepard: and there with the lion. you know, that lion was
3:56 pm
probably, i mean seriously the lion was probably just having a bad day. i mean, you know, maybe needed a ride on a trampoline or something. texas, it's flooding there. have you heard about that? we'll get live coverage from texas. this is arlington, texas. six flags over texas where there is a little bit of water today.
3:57 pm
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i've been looking at the numbers, and i think our campus is spending too much money on printing. i'd like to put you in charge of cutting costs. calm down. i know that it is not your job. what i'm saying... excuse me? alright, fine. no, you don't have to do it. ok? [ male announcer ] notre dame knows it's better for xerox to control its printing costs. so they can focus on winning on and off the field. [ manager ] are you sure i can't talk -- ok, no, i get it. [ male announcer ] with xerox, you're ready for real business. >> shepard: there is breaking news now on fox news channel and we have just gotten word
3:59 pm
that the mexican marines have arrested seven alleged gunmen in connection with the massacre of 7 72 72 migrants near the br with texas. four of th suspects arrested ar a shootout with the marines. investigators believe the migrants were killed because they refused to work for the drug gang. these are people trying to go from mexico to the united states. instead, they were capture by the mexican drug ring. 72 murdered. there was a shootout with the mexican navy and all this in the shootout happened at a ranch in the city of san fernando 80 miles from the texas border. the victims undocumented immigrants of different nationalities including brazil, ecuador, el salvador, honduras. the biggest attack on civilians


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